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LA SILHOUETTE 362 W. 53rd St., nr. Ninth Ave., 212-581-2400 | As the slightly opaque name suggests, it’s haute cuisine for a new, post-haute cuisine era with partners that hail from Le Bernardin, Daniel, and BLT Market.

ELEVEN MADISON PARK 11 Madison Ave., nr. 24th St., 212-889-0905 | With its great skyscraper ceiling, its lofty flower-and-twig arrangements, and its discreet, sky-box dining suites, it’s a vibrant place to do business.

THE JOHN DORY OYSTER BAR 1196 Broadway, nr. 29th St., 212-792-9000 | April Bloomfield revives her departed English seafood restaurant in a corner of the Ace Hotel decorated with seashell sconces, laminated game fish, and bubbling fish tanks filled with brightly colored coral.

A VOCE COLUMBUS 10 Columbus Cir., nr. Broadway, 212-823-2523 | The second A Voce upgrades to the former Cafe Gray space with expansive views and, of course, stellar Italian food from Obama-approved chef Missy Robbins.

ARTISANAL 2 Park Ave., nr. 32nd St, 212-725-8585 | If cheese is a religion, this is its bustling, Balthazar-gone-midtown house of worship. If you manage to resist four different fondues, there’s a full menu of bistro classics like boudin blanc.

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